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Technique 1 – Basic Body Motion

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Holding the stick, wrist turns and the bounce are the foundation of how comfortable and fast you can play. These lessons are good to review no matter how long you have been playing. It is important to understand that the drums are the instrument that creates the sound and the drummers body is the instrument that plays the drums. These lessons will show you how to use your body to motivate and follow the bounce of the stick. They are the foundation for developing your technique, your time and your groove. We suggest you spend one week on each lesson so they become natural for you. At the beginning of each practice session you should quickly review the first three lessons to be sure you’re holding the stick, turning your wrist and allowing the stick to bounce as you proceed. It’s easy to get so involved in what you’re playing that you lose focus on how you are playing it. The better instrument you make out of yourself, the more musical you will be able to play.
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