The Gregg Bissonette Drum School

Learn to play the drums with Gregg Bissonette – drum educator, GRAMMY winner, and your new mentor.

From touring the world with Ringo Starr and David Lee Roth, to recording for colossal TV hits like Friends and major films like The Bourne Supremacy and Finding Nemo, Gregg draws from his massive career catalogue to bring you the learning tips and practice tricks you need to excel in your drumming. Gregg gives you pro advice and coaching in his fun, unique teaching style, giving you all the tools you need whether you want to make drums a career or just want to play for the love of the beat.

In just days, you’ll learn how to play classic drum beats, understand song structure and drum charts, expand your vocabulary, and enrich your knowledge of drum history.


45 Lessons | 6 hr 27 min

Lessons Feature:

Learn some of Gregg's all-time favorite beats, from rock to funk to jazz and much more, inspired by:

• Easy-to-digest lesson segments, between 5–20 minutes per lesson
• Slow-motion feature, so you can dig in and learn the beats before playing to tempo
• Background on music's most influential drummers, plus cool music history
• "Complete Lesson" function so you can track your progress in the course
• Drum vocabulary builders
• Exercises on creativity and feel so you can play any style of music
• Different camera angles (main, overhead, foot) for multi-dimensional viewing
• Behind-the-scenes Gregg anecdotes that you've never heard before
• New lessons added regularly, so you can keep learning!



The Classic Drum Beats Course

Learn some of Gregg's all-time favorite beats, from rock to funk to jazz and much more, inspired by:

• Ringo Starr
• John Bonham
• Gene Krupa
• Dave Grohl
• Steve Gadd
• David Garibaldi
• and many more!

The Song Form Course

This course takes you through some of Gregg’s original songs with his brother Matt Bissonette (Elton John, Rick Springfield), where you will:

• Learn the song vocabulary you need to play grooves, fills, and solos
• Learn how to create and follow a drum chart for a song
• Download PDFs for drum charts so you can play along

The Vocabulary Course

Learn a range of different styles of drumming, including:

• R & B
• Prog Rock
• Bebop
• Metal
• Hip hop
• Afro Cuban
• Punk
• Rockabilly
• Reggae
• Odd Times, and much more!



Classic Drum Beats


Song Form