PlayCajon Advanced Course – Artist Course

Paul Jennings


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Welcome to the PlayCajon Advanced Course! In this step-by-step cajon course you will move on from the intermediate level up to the advanced. The course consists of 15 lesson videos that cover all many of the key advanced techniques including: bass roll technique, using cymbals and shakers with cajon, using brushes on cajon, thumb triplets, advanced fills, la mano secreta, and rhythms including guaguanco, Purdie shuffle, funk 2, and Flamenco bulerias.


  • Palm rolls & finger triplet techniques
  • Using brushes on cajon
  • Advanced fills & rudiments
  • Using cymbals with cajon
  • New rhythms including: Guaguanco, Purdie Shuffle, Funk 2, and 3/4 rhythms.
  • Flamenco Bularias


This course will give you the knowledge and the tools you will need to take your playing from the intermediate level to the advanced level.

When learning a new skill, it goes without saying that practice really does make perfect. With all of the PlayCajon Courses is very important that you practice what you learn so that you can turn the rhythms, techniques, and exercises into muscle-memory and they become second nature.

I highly recommend sitting down with a pen and paper and outlining a practice routine for yourself. This practice routine will need to change as you learn new techniques, rhythms, and exercises.

Your practice routine can be however long you want it to be, but remember, the more you put into it, the better you will become in a shorter space of time.


It is important to know the difference between practicing your instrument and playing your instrument. I believe that both aspects are important to put time into.

Practice is when you are trying to learn new techniques or a new rhythm and you are repeating it over and over again until your mind and body can do it without thinking about it too much. With many drumming techniques we want to practice a certain technique or exercise so that we can play it a little faster and stronger each time.

Playing is when you are just playing what you already know. For example, jamming along with your favorite songs or playing with other musicians where you are playing rhythms and techniques you have already learned and are comfortable with. Playing your instrument is also very important but if it is all you do, you will not progress very far beyond what you already know.

Key points when creating a practice routine

  • Warm ups and stretching
  • Spend an adequate amount of time on each thing
  • Use a metronome
  • Know the difference between practice and playing
  • Change your routine as you learn new things
  • Pace yourself and take breaks. The cajon is a very physically demanding instrument


I truly hope that you enjoy learning from the PlayCajon Advanced Course. I have constructed this course in manageable segments so that you can take it at your own pace. Take as much time as you need with each lesson and make sure you go back to previous lessons if you need to. Of course the main thing when learning a new instrument is to have fun with it and know that with each day you are getting better and further towards your goal.


There are accompanying practice plans to this this course that will help you organize your practice routine.