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Jazz Improvisation Ed Soph

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Jazz Improvisation

Ed Soph is a legendary instructor and former drum set professor at the University of North Texas. This Artist Track will get you started and develop your musicianship and improvisation skills. You will learn how to approach comping dynamically in a way that supports the other musicians as well as soloing in a way that reinforces the tune. The courses included cover Foundational Stick Technique, Foundational Moeller Exercises, Setup Guidelines, Foundational Pedal Technique, Foundational Brush Technique, Rhythmic Improvisation on the Pad, Ride Cymbal Concepts, Taking the Tune to the Drum Set and Playing in a Jazz Rhythm Section.


9 Courses · 25 Lessons · 4 hours 57 minutes


Ed Soph

Ed Soph is one of the most respected and influential drum set educators in the world. His former students at the University of North Texas include Earl Harvin, Ari Hoenig, Keith Carlock, Jason Sutter, Bill Campbell, Blair Sinta, Rich Redmond, Brian Delaney and Stockton Helbing. Ed participated for many years in the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops where he taught John “J.R.” Robinson and Steve Houghton. Ed’s own career includes playing and recording with the big bands of Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Bill Watrous, and Clark Terry; and, combos with Joe Henderson, Bill Evans, Lee Konitz, Randy Brecker, Marvin Stamm, Bobby Shew, Cedar Walton, David Liebman, Eddie Gomez, and Carl Fontana.

Ed was inducted into the Percussive Arts Society’s Hall of Fame in 2016.

Artist Track Contents

  • 2 Lessons 14 min

  • $5000

Foundational Stick Technique | Lessons 1-2

This course dives into the fundamentals of hand technique and shows you the mechanics of holding the stick as well as the basic hand motions, which will allow you to play with control while staying relaxed. With these tools, you will be on your way to developing a solid foundation that is personalized to your needs as a drummer.

  • $5000

    2 Lessons 14 min

  • 2 Lessons 23 min

  • $5000

Foundational Exercises For Moeller | Lessons 3-4

The Moeller Stroke, otherwise known as the technique that uses a "whipping motion" was established by Sanford A. Moeller. It was designed to aid the economy of motion for drummers, allowing them to play faster, and louder, by staying relaxed. Ed shows us how to develop the Moeller Stroke and various ways to approach practicing each stroke.

  • $5000

    2 Lessons 23 min

  • 1 Lessons 5 min

  • $5000

Set Up Guidelines | Lesson 5

Ed Soph shares the importance of making the drum set comfortable and setting it up to fit your needs. It’s always important to understand that each drummer will have a slightly different way of setting up and that your kit should be set up to play comfortably and efficiently. Doing this will avoid discomfort and injury.

  • $5000

    1 Lessons 5 min

  • 2 Lessons 25 min

  • $5000

Foundational Pedal Technique | Lessons 6-7

This course will help you gain control of both the bass drum and hi-hat pedal. Ed covers how to find the balance point of each pedal and how to achieve the desired spring tension to get a good rebound from the bass drum. He shares how to pull the sound out of the drum, and then dives into a variety of hi-hat techniques to help you gain control of your sound and dynamics.

  • $5000

    2 Lessons 25 min

  • 2 Lessons 19 min

  • $5000

Foundational Brush Technique | Lessons 8-9

This course covers different brush concepts and how to apply them in musical situations. Different articulations are shown to achieve the desired staccato or legato sound. Ed also shows us how to apply different rudiments and sounds to add more depth to your brush vocabulary.

  • $5000

    2 Lessons 19 min

  • 3 Lessons 39 min

  • $5000

Rhythmic Improvisation on the Pad | Lessons 10-12

These series of lessons cover one of the most important parts of being a musical drummer, playing the melody. Ed demonstrates how to approach playing in and around the melody by using a few different concepts to develop a musical solo.

  • $5000

    3 Lessons 39 min

  • 3 Lessons 56 min

  • $5000

Ride Cymbal Concepts | Lessons 13-15

If you study any of the greats in drumming history you'll notice they all have a good ride beat. Although they may all have subtle differences, one key factor that Ed shares is that they all have consistency in sound, time and dynamics. This course will help you develop your ride technique in a variety of tempos as well as understand how to adjust the time feel to best suit the musical situation, whether it be on top, in the middle, or slightly behind the beat.

  • $5000

    3 Lessons 56 min

  • 2 Lessons 32 min

  • $5000

Taking the Tune to the Drum Set | Lessons 16-17

Now that we’ve looked at the tune "Doxy" and practiced it on the pad, we can apply similar concepts to the drum set. Ed demonstrates a variety of concepts like using space, motif development, and rhythmic phrasing to help us improvise and build a musical solo around the melody. He also demonstrates how we can apply all these concepts to different styles including the Jazz Samba and the Jazz Songo.

  • $5000

    2 Lessons 32 min

  • 8 Lessons 1 hr 24 min

  • $5000

Playing In A Jazz Rhythm Section | Lessons 18-25

We were excited to bring these phenomenal musicians into a lesson series designed to show you what it's really like on the bandstand. The band includes Chuck Berghofer on bass, David Garfield on piano and Jacob Scesney on tenor sax. Together they play and discuss many concepts including musical interaction, comping, listening, and time-feel. There is a wealth of information between all of these musicians; listen, enjoy and learn.

  • $5000

    8 Lessons 1 hr 24 min